How to find people and increase the number of subscribers in TikTok

The social network has become popular due to the ability to shoot short videos and upload them online for viewing by other users, of which there are more than 500 million people. Therefore, in TikTok people can be searched in several ways. However, before looking for someone, you need to know what a TikTok account is about.


Service benefits

Tik Tok is an application for watching interesting clips on a smartphone or computer. To create a truly original clip, users have the opportunity to transfer it to a draft, apply music to the image, apply available effects and masks. All this is necessary in order to please those who view the created video.

To shoot clips and upload them online, the user must register. At the same time, he fills out a profile, indicating personal data in Russian or English, adds a TikTok photo by which he can be recognized.


There are several ways to find people in TikTok. We consider in detail each of them.

Person search

Users are looking for their friends on the social network in order to continue communicating with them, or they are just interested in their content. To do this, find the user and subscribe to his page.

Search users in TikTok.

To find a person in TikTok, you need:

  • Open the program and log in to your account.
  • Below click on the image of the magnifier.
  • A window will open listing popular hashtags.
  • The site search bar appears at the top..
  • Here you can search for a friend by name or ID. For this, the desired value is driven in and the “Enter” is pressed..
  • Next, the window will display a list of service participants who meet the requested data.

In Tik Tok, a search can be performed by:

  • nickname or identification mark;
  • name indicated when filling out the profile.

Entering a search string one character or letter, you will see a list of all users in whose name they are present.

Using the described method, it is possible to find a friend in TikTok only to those who are registered on the site. But there is the possibility of selection without prior authorization.

For this:

  • Download Tik Tok to your smartphone and open it online without using the “Login” tab.
  • Click on the magnifier to go to the search..
  • Write an ID, name or just typing a few letters.
  • Press “Enter”.

You can find a popular account in TikTok in the recommendations stream or using hashtags..

The difference between the two methods described is that registered users can add the person they found to friends or subscribe to his updates in order to receive notifications about them on their main page.

How to expand the list of subscriptions

In TikTok, you can find a user without even knowing which nickname he chose. This is done through:

  • Contacts stored in the phone. You need to open the program, log in and apply the corresponding item from the menu. After that, the service will automatically look at the numbers in the book and select those who have Tik Tok installed.
  • QR code. This is the fastest method, because you do not have to browse through huge lists of participants that meet the specified parameters. You just need to click on the magnifying glass image, select a scanner and go to the menu. Using the application, a friend will find a QR code that will be automatically scanned.
  • Social networks. You can find friends on Tik Tok and through your Facebook profile. There is a special item for this..

How to understand who came in

Members of the service can view those who visited their page. It is necessary:

  • Open the application and go through the authorization procedure.
  • At the top right, click on the “Messages” icon. It displays information about the activity of the participant.
  • Inbox provides information about guests.
  • By clicking on the first of the notifications, you will see statistics of visitors. Nearby list of previously logged in.

What affects the amount

The more subscribers of the ticker, the more often information about his work appears in the feed of other participants. They can like, comment and recommend viewing to friends. Thus, there is a free promotion of the account.


The Tik Tok app is used to showcase short videos. You can also share your favorite content with friends.. To evaluate the work of your friends who are not among the subscribers, you need to find them. There are several search methods for this. All of them are available both on a smartphone and on a personal computer.