Links and description: Tik Tok will get better

You can make money on the Internet on everything. Social networks have become especially popular for promoting goods and services. Advertising, sales – categories that bring in millions of income. The main thing is to understand what and how it works..

The TikTok platform is also actively conquering the field of marketing. However, network promotion will not bring money without interconnection with the client. Advertiser requires maximum return, reaching as many audiences as possible.

New opportunities

The next update of the social network will affect the functionality of the utility. If you believe the announcement published on the official website of the company, TikTok will allow users to add a description of the profile, as well as embed the link directly into the video.

“Over the past few months, Tik Tok has attracted a large number of advertisers. However, due to limited capabilities, especially mutual communication, they cannot get the maximum return on the client, the creators of the platform say. “Now the problem will be a thing of the past.”.

Updated features will allow:

  •       Increase traffic.
  •       Post a detailed description of the advertising page.
  •       Increase link mass, which is important in partnership projects.
  •       Run the direct order form.
  •       Index page.
  •       Link account to website, store.

Development is in the testing phase. If successful, updated software codes will become available to customers from March 2020..

Important: Now the function of a kind of navigation in TikTok is performed by hashtags. They are prescribed in English (for greater audience reach) after the # symbol without a space.

Despite the improvement of the interface and functionality, the social network will remain free. You can only download the application on your smartphone or tablet by visiting App Store, Play Market. For the computer, the desktop version has not yet been developed.