What is hiding Mark Zuckerberg. Secret TikTok account

One of the richest men in the world who made a fortune on Facebook, is actively watching the competition. Confirmation of this is the programmer’s account of the same name on the TikTok network.


Real or fake

Indifferent users found the page of a billionaire a couple of months earlier. The account is registered under the nickname @finkd with the mark “Founder and CEO at Facebook”. The translation means: “Founder and CEO of Facebook”.

Despite the signature and the main photo – a real picture of Zuckerberg, there is no evidence:

  •     Profile not verified. That is, it is not legally confirmed.
  •     Not a single video has been published that could expose the true owner.
  •     In the description, only a link to the Mark’s page on Instagram is indicated.


The original Facebook creator Twitter account is @finkd. Ghost TikTok programmer does not comment.

Very popular

At first, even the most advanced users cannot take over the audience of several thousand. @finkd has 4089 followers. And this despite the fact that the page does not have a single photo, video.

The profile also provides zero activity. That is, the owner does not like, comments on posts.

There are shifts

Activity was tracked right after page creation. So, the owner subscribed to 61 celebrities. Of these, only three were not verified.

Zuckerberk actively monitors:

  •     Shaquille O’Neal. The legendary athlete, basketball player Shaquille O’Neill.
  •     Popular TikTok bloggers: Lauren Gray (34.9 million followers), Baby Ariel (29.9 million), Jacob Sartorius (21 million), Lucas and Marcus Dobre (18.1 million), Daniel Cohn (14.5 million followers).
  •     Jiffpom Pomeranian dog with 19.5 million followers.
  •     Cinema and music stars: Will Smith, Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Olli Merce (269 thousand subscribers) and Gwen Stefani.
  •     Three users without verification: Fashion Videos (7 million followers), the Russ Turner podcast (193 thousand subscribers), an account that belongs to a teenage girl (406,000 followers).


Why @finkd has become a follower of these users is not yet known.

Fear or a new direction

Modern youth is called generation Z. Children develop faster, mastering the Internet under the age of three years.

Alas, Facebook cannot provide itself as a platform for such young users. And this despite the fact that every year the audience of the largest social network only reduces the age threshold.

The main competitor of Facebook in the fight for followers was TikTok. The average age of TikTok subscribers is 13-15 years. There is also no restriction or parental control..

Facebook and TikTok monitor content by removing prohibited content. The latter include: eroticism, pornography, scenes of violence, blood, bullying.

The rapid popularity of TikTok increases the relevance of the platform. In this, Zuckerberg sees danger to his brainchild. Or a genius wants to keep up with the times?

Users repeatedly expressed a desire to combine social networks into one platform. Mark promised to do this with Facebook (Messenger), Instagram and Votsap.

Why @finkd

Mark received his first inspiration from the tiny alien Finkelton. The project, created under the influence of space, brought a genius a billion dollars in three months.

There is another version. Translated from English, “I`m finked” means “I screwed up.” Zuckerberg’s self-criticism has always struck.

Initially, the programmer wanted to use the nickname @finked. However, he was “scored” a couple of days before the registration of a genius in 2009, Dave Fink. Interestingly, @finked has not made a single publication since the creation of the client.

It is too early to speak without Zuckerberg’s official comment. Any person could register on behalf of the billionaire. However, if true genius is hidden under zero activity, the consequences can be overwhelming.