Tik Tok will become inaccessible to millions of users

TikTok is going to block the popular social network in the United States. This is caused by a violation of the law by the corporation that purchased the utility rights.


Mass searches are underway

At a press conference, ByteDance Technology executives reported suspicions by U.S. National Security. According to statements, three dozen FBI employees burst into the main office of a Chinese company with a check and search warrant.

“No one warned not only of a possible search, but even of the charges brought forward,” the report says. – The reason, as we learned later, was the acquisition in 2017 of the social network Musical.ly. The Americans considered the purchase illegal because of a lack of permission from the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) “.

Attitude to TikTok

The social network itself, called Douyin, has been operating since September 2016. The platform was oriented exclusively to Chinese users.

In 2017, developers launched a copy of the utility – Tik Tok. For several months, the social network totaled more than 20 million users. By the end of 2019, there are already about a billion registered users.

There are many more problems.

After prolonged silence, a spokeswoman for the US National Security Administration revealed the true reasons for the searches. According to him, there are several violations:

  • Lack of permission of the Committee on Foreign Investments when purchasing Musical.ly.
  • Security of social network servers and cloud storage of user materials.
  • Censorship of publication.
  • Counterintelligence Threat.
  • Object of influence for foreign companies.

Searches have been conducted in more than twenty offices across America.

Government bodies are preparing a lawsuit for the forced termination of the functioning of servers and social networks in the country.

If the court satisfies the penalty, the program will become inaccessible to users located in the United States.