Paid and free ways to cheat subscribers and likes in TikTok

The reasons for downloading the Musical ly app can be many. Some want to watch funny videos, others dream of becoming a star and gather their army of fans, while others are more interested in making money on a social network.

But in order to have income from the program, the account must be popular. And here you may need to cheat subscribers in TikTok. Why is it needed and what are the ways to increase the audience, let’s understand.

Goal and tasks

Almost every channel owner in Tik Tok wants to become famous. Because he needs likes, reposts and thousands of fans.

The most common reasons why this is done include:

  • Chance to make money.
  • Promotion of pages in other social networks. TikTok has the ability to invite people who are subscribed to a user account on YouTube or Instagram.

Available options

Cheat likes and subscribers in TikTok.

You can promote your profile for free or for free. Those who decide to act without additional investments should prepare for long, painstaking work.

Quality content

In musical ly, a recommendation tape is available, where not only famous bloggers, but also beginners who have decided to unwind their account can get. Shown here are various posts that can attract page subscriptions..

More likely are those who regularly post quality content. TikTok free cheating is real if you download good material that other users will be interested in.

You need to shoot clips on modern gadgets, because a video with a fuzzy image has less chance of being in the TOP. To make them better, and, accordingly, more popular, a thoughtful background, lighting, and an interesting scenario will help. It happens when the author impromptu shot a simple video that brought him an army of fans. But in most cases it’s worth considering everything to the smallest detail..

It is equally important to study popular trends, the interests of the target audience. This will help to understand which video can win fans. Quality work can guarantee likes, reposts, subscriptions.

Live broadcasts

For free cheating in TikTok, an online broadcast function is available that allows you to attract new subscribers and earn the approval of those who are already friends.

But she has features:

  • Only those whose audience has already exceeded 1 thousand live subscribers can broadcast.
  • Live videos, unlike videos, do not stay on the page.

Sympathy exchange

The method also has the name mutual. To attract an audience, you need to like the publications of other authors. Noticing the mark, it is possible that the user will also go to your page and also rate the post. By being active in other people’s channels, you can develop your profile for free.


How to win subscribers in TikTok for free using video captions? Before uploading a new clip, the author prescribes hashtags to it that reflect the basic idea of ​​publishing.

The main rule is the use of inscriptions that suit the topic. So it will be easier for other users to search for the necessary content and it is possible that your work will interest them so much that they decide to follow the updates on the page by subscribing to the channel.

Wrapping applications

The more videos that get likes, the higher their chances of being in the Featured feed, where millions of users will see them online. But free ways to cheat in TikTok are slow, and not every user manages to wait for the desired result.

The corresponding services are much faster. To use them, you should find a site that offers such services. They can be provided free of charge or for a fee. Usually you don’t need to download anything. Today there are still not many, because the application is very young.

To check the wrapping generator, it is recommended to first place an order for the minimum number of subscribers, and only if the result satisfies you, continue cooperation.

Consider the most popular sites.


The service is used for the device on Android and offers winding likes in TikTok on a paid and free basis. First you need to go through the registration procedure on the portal and replenish the balance in order to activate the service.

Mrpopular works as follows:

  • Find the TikTok icon on the main page.
  • Choose what you want to wind up – likes or the number of subscribers.
  • Define user type. They differ in price and quality, are divided into offers that are cheaper, and live users. The second option is preferable, since the real person will not only mark the clip, but can also comment or share the clip with his friends.
  • Use the opened tab to indicate the expected number of likes and prescribe the page address. The minimum order per day is 100 markups, the maximum is 5000. The cost varies from 0.64 to 3.2 rubles.
  • Click on the Add to Cart icon..
  • Checkout and pay for the order.
  • If you wish, you can request a check that will be sent to the specified email.

Mrpopular service for rating wrapping.

Free methods of promotion work here..

For this:

  • In the account, commercials are created, in the description of which a link to the Mrpopular service is indicated.
  • On the site, bloggers have the opportunity to use a referral program. Everyone who goes through the url and pays for the promotion service will bring you profit (50% of the amount paid by him). The more referrals there are, the higher income you can get.

The site is suitable for devices on Android and iPhone. You do not need to download it to your phone. Simply open the page, enter the credentials from Tik Tok, replenish the balance by setting the parameters for downloading. When all actions are completed, you can close the portal.

The interface is in Russian, therefore it is understandable, it is easy to deal with it on your own. A free help option is not provided. But the services here are inexpensive, and the quality is excellent.

Internet resources for money

In addition to sites offering services for wrapping the number of friends and likes under clips, there is an opportunity to turn to paid services.

  • The most popular of these is WMmail, which specializes in performing online tasks. To use it, you must go through the authorization process as an advertiser. For just $ 0.01, here you can give the task to subscribe to the specified account.
  • Another application is running on Android – Tiko Mania. For this, the program is installed on the smartphone, registration is carried out. Similarly, WMmail is easy to search for those who subscribe to the profile. The service is based on the principle of mutual cooperation.
  • How to gain subscribers in TikTok using The service additionally winds up views and likes. The process begins with the introduction of captcha and account. Prior authorization is not required. 10 minutes – 10 new friends.

Blogger Ads

You can order PR of your account from one of the already popular TikTok users. To do this, they must have at least 5 thousand subscribers.

The advantages of this method include:

  • A service usually comes out cheaper than using paid services.
  • All subscribers who come to the page on the recommendation will be live, and accordingly – active.

But there are some disadvantages here:

  • Unlike special services, you can’t see how many new users will come to the channel.
  • It is possible that after some time some people will unsubscribe.

Why no likes

The profile’s popularity on any social network is easily determined by the number of subscribers and likes under publications..

There are reasons that may affect the fact that there will be few such marks:

  • Closed account. If you hide your publications, then no one except your friends will be able to see them, respectively, and the number of likes will be minimal.
  • Uniform or uninteresting content. When you do not monitor its quality, you can lose even those subscribers that you managed to attract earlier.
  • High activity. Users may simply not have time to follow all the updates on the page..
  • Ignore comments. The stronger the relationship with subscribers, the more successful the profile..
  • Hashtag rejection.
  • Neglect of competitors. Mutually exchanging likes, you can quickly promote your account.


Using all available methods of cheating subscribers, we must not forget about the quality of the laid out content. Rollers should always be relevant and interesting. Only in this case, the number of friends and the popularity of the account will grow.