What are transitions and how to remove them in TikTok

To fully master the art of video editing, you need to understand how to make transitions in TikTok. This technique is a movement between angles and locations. It enhances the drama, helps to keep track of the plot and serves as the basis for various tricks. However, initially you need to learn how to shoot video in TikTok.



Transition – the Tik Tok effect in which the picture changes dramatically, and the hero appears in a completely different form or position. It is used to instantly transfer the viewer from one location to the next. Thus, the video is more spectacular.

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Transitions in TikTok.

To make a beautiful transition, it’s completely optional to use a special technique when recording a clip or to involve friends in the process.

Everything can be created by yourself, using only the camera of your gadget. Consider how to choose cool ones from them and shoot.


It can often be seen in the TikTok and YouTube videos. It is a sharp turn when the hero appears upside down on the screen, as if hanging upside down in the middle of the frame, like an image on a playing card.

How to make such a transition in TikTok:

  • Turn on the camera on the smartphone, moving it down. While it is still in motion, turn off shooting mode.
  • Turn the gadget over and start recording again, raise it to its original height and press Stop again.
  • Re-flip the smartphone by turning on its camera.

Cool video is ready. Moreover, the number of such interruptions can be unlimited.

“Flip over the head”

It is considered smoother. From the side it looks like somersault.

To record a transition you need:

  • Turn on the camera in shooting mode.
  • Slowly move your hand with the recorder over your head so that the camera is behind. You need to turn off only when the gadget is located at the crown level.
  • Hold your hand as far behind your back and turn the phone over.
  • Turn the device forward again, turning it off when it is again at the top of the head. In this case, the actor will be in the frame upside down.
  • To return to the starting position, press the pause, closing the lens in front of this palm.

“Hand through the phone”

Transition “Hand through the phone”.

This effect is used if it is necessary to sharply change position, show a specific object that appeared in the hand, or demonstrate a panorama.

It’s easy to do it:

  • The camera in front-view mode looks at the actor and turns on. In this case, the hand moves towards the phone so as to close it.
  • Then the video goes off.
  • Next, the rear camera starts, which at this moment is closed by the palm.
  • After the start of shooting, the hand gradually moves away from the gadget, focusing on the subject or showing the landscape.
  • At the next stage, it again moves towards the camera until it closes the lens, after which recording stops.
  • The transition to the front camera is carried out, covering the lens with your hand. Recording begins and the hand returns.

“Transition with a cap”

A cool feature that allows you to change the background, the position of the hero in the frame or clothes on it. In this case, everything will look natural and organic.

How to create it:

  • In this case, you need a cap. Although you can use glasses or any other accessory.
  • It is necessary to turn on the front camera, holding a hat in his hand. Raise it, as if putting it on, bringing it to the level of a smartphone and blocking the review of the recording device.
  • Recording stops, after which the clothes or background change.
  • Again we take the cap in our hands, completely closing the lens eye with it.
  • Turning on the shooting mode, we continue to conduct the accessory to the head.

“Camera flying around”

No extra items are needed to create such a transition..

Transition “Camera flying around”.

It is very simple in execution, while it looks perfect and organic:

  • We take the gadget in one hand, while starting shooting.
  • Having set the camera behind the head, press pause.
  • During the break, the location or clothes on the hero change.
  • We put the smartphone in the other hand, which winds up at the top of the head.
  • Shooting begins and the camera is displayed in front..

Other ways

You can also create transitions at the installation stage..

The most common effects are as follows:

  • A sharp change of frames (the opposite of slowm). It is used if necessary to demonstrate a lightning-fast transfer of plot events.
  • Butt-gluing is the easiest way to edit when the second episode without the additional effects comes after the first.
  • L junction. Outwardly, it looks like this – a new scene has already begun, but the viewer still hears the sound sequence from the previous frame.
  • J-transition is the opposite of the effect in paragraph 3. At the same time, the viewer still sees the picture of the first frame, but already hears music or other sounds from the second.
  • Influx – a chip that is used to reduce the duration of the scene. At the same time, the transition between frames is smooth and almost imperceptible.
  • Dimming – used when you need to show that a certain period of time has passed between scenes. In this case, the screen becomes dark, and after opening another event already occurs.


Transitions in TikTok are very simple to execute and do not need additional devices and programs to create them. At the same time, such effects make the video more interesting and memorable.