Experimenting with video: interesting applications for TikTok

Social networks have become indispensable in the modern world. They are not just a way to communicate on the Internet. With the help of such utilities you can earn a couple of thousand dollars a month, practically without leaving home.

However, most social networks work in one direction. That is, they allow you to download content, but not download it to other users. To expand the functionality, programmers create additional applications daily. TikTok support developments are no exception.

Useful for video.

So far, most supporting applications have been created for the android operating system. However, the leading developers announced the release of utilities for the Apple base..

Programs are aimed at increasing the number of effects, conducting various types of shooting, converting footage and more. Teams are mostly free.

The most popular services are:

  •       TikTok Wall Picture. The utility converts video for the screen saver on the screen of a smartphone, tablet. To use it is enough to install the development and connect an account from the social network.
  •       Video downloader for TikTok. The program downloads video without registration. However, the TikTok watermark is not saved. All that is required is to copy the link to the material, paste it in a specific line and tap “Download”.
  •       Funny Viral Videos For Tik Tok & Musically. The utility is an addition to the social network itself. The only function is sorting video by topic.
  •       Video Effects Editor & Magic Video Star. The corrector for the captured audiovisual materials allows you to apply filters and effects. The service is useful in working with Instagram, Youtube..
  •       Video effect editor & Music Clip Star Maker – MAGE. Edits photos and videos for free, including sound effects. Use is completely free..
  •       90s – Glitch Video Effect Editor & Vaporwave. Animated text, effects for videos and music will become available after free registration.

Important: all applications work only with a stable internet connection.

Beware of suspicious sites

The Internet is full of resources for working with social networks. Many require authorization with direct account binding. However, such actions can have negative consequences – until the account is hacked and money is lost.

Popular bloggers advise:

  •         carefully study third-party resources;
  •         Do not be afraid to ask friends, colleagues for advice;
  •         when linking an account, do not include information from your passport, credit cards and other payment systems;
  •         use proven systems.

Additional developments allow expanding the functionality of the TikTok social network. Here we have provided programs tested for the Android base. To use the utilities, just install them from the Play Store. Downloading lasts a minute and is completely free. However, do not forget that the Internet is full of sites that pose a danger to your account and wallet.