TikTok Poll: Next-Level Interactivity

Interaction with the audience is one of the main parts of the success of a blogger. Only by studying the requirements and customs of subscribers, the author can adjust the content, attracting even more users.

Developers of the Tik Tok social network made a significant step towards the development of interactivity. Now users are able to create a survey on the page. Interaction is available with subscribers and other users (if the account is not hidden by privacy settings).

“Most social networks do not differ in functionality. Only Facebook allows you to do polls directly on a page, in a group, in a community. Now we also brag about updates … The added feature is, first of all, important for advertisers to promote goods and services. Surveys will allow you to study the desire of the audience, to learn opinions about products. It will also help the client feel their importance, ”the TikTok management press release said..

Customize the questionnaire

Making interactive with users is quite simple. For this:

  •       Open account.
  •       Tap + to add video.
  •       Burn or upload file.
  •       Click the “Stickers” icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  •       Select Poll.
  •       Fill in the three fields, each in turn.
  •       Click “Next”.
  •       To publish, click Finish..

Important: So far, Tik Tok allows you to place a maximum of two answers to the question. The creators of the utility promise to fix the bug after the New Year.

Possible problems

Updated functionality is available only after downloading the latest software codes. Installation from Play Market, App Store is free.

Problems encountered after downloading are related to an error connecting to the Internet. In rare cases, a failure in data transfer to the server.

To fix the problems, restart the router or turn on the flight mode on your smartphone, tablet for a couple of seconds. Sometimes it’s useful to turn off the device itself.

Tik Tok is increasing in popularity daily. The social network attracts users for free, instant videos, many special effects, the ability to earn. The functionality of the utility is extensive, while the interface is easy to use.