How to slow down a video in TikTok

Special effects create publications saturated, attracting new subscribers, and with them advertisers. The brighter the material, the more users like it, making the author’s account more popular.

To develop and attract an audience, TikTok updates its functionality monthly. Now bloggers can slow down, speed up the video. The command is available both for direct shooting, so when adding a finished file.

Some easy steps

Initially, you need to update the program, since the function is available with the latest codes. You can download the utility from Play Market, App Store, depending on the OS of the smartphone, tablet. Installation with a stable Internet connection will last a minute.

After downloading, authorized users do not need to register. The application will automatically “pull up”.

Then you need to do the following:

  • Open TikTok.
  • Go to profile page.
  • Tap “+” at the bottom of the screen to add a video.
  • Wait a couple of seconds until the bottom of the timeline bar.
  • Tap the speedometer under the frame, the icon of which is located on the right.
  • Marks will appear above the timeline: “0.3x”, “0.5x”, “1x”, “2x”, “3x”. The default speed is set to “1x”. To slow down the display, specify “0.3x”, “0.5x”. For acceleration – “2x”, “3x”.
  • Capture material or load finished.
  • Publish.

Important: After posting, changing speed will not work.


As the creators of TikTok said, while the function is in test mode, due to which display violations are not ruled out. If this happens, you can fix the error:

  •       Exiting the application. Close the utility for a couple of seconds.
  •       Rebooting your internet connection. Turn off and then turn on the router or activate airplane mode on the device for a couple of seconds.
  •       Installation of new software codes. Update TikTok.
  •       Rebooting a smartphone, tablet. Hold the power button on the device until the context menu appears. From the list of commands, select “Reload”.

If no method helped, you need to write to support. This is done in the form of feedback on the official website of developers.

Despite possible temporary errors, TikTok remains popular, gaining even more users daily. Using a social network is free, but here you can earn on advertising. To improve the quality of content, developers monthly update the functionality.