How to hide your videos and TikTok account

Newcomers to the social network are interested in what a private TikTok is, how to make videos private for other users. There are several solutions to this issue – from setting channel privacy to setting video restrictions.

Privacy Video Types

Tiktokers post intimate moments from their lives, unaware of the possibility of hiding individual episodes through the setting of a social network. Users can make public, private videos or only allow friends to view them. Not all materials are worth making public.


It means a video that is shared on the Internet.

The features of a public video include:

  • downloading materials from a personal profile;
  • accessibility of files (including for downloading) for all Internet users (you may not have an account on the social network);
  • when the account is closed, visibility only for subscribers;
  • saving the video clip on the server after removing the application from the gadget and disconnecting the client.


Entries in a private account can only be viewed by the page owner.

The features of this video include:

  • its complete closure from channel visitors and the entire Internet;
  • change clip setting to public;
  • deleting information from the server after deleting an account.

Note. Public videos cannot be changed to private or hidden from the public. After deleting the profile, the clips appear on third-party resources and can be downloaded to mobile devices and home computers.

Setting the privacy for the video

Privacy settings

Before looking for an answer to the question of how you can hide a video in TikTok, you need to decide on the purpose of such a solution. The procedure is performed in the course of creating video material. After posting a public video, it will not be possible to transfer it to the protected section.

When uploading video

To close the rollers you need:

  • Open the Tik-Tok application and press the plus key.
  • Start shooting by clicking on the red button.
  • After applying filters and effects, activate the “Next” block.
  • In the “Publish” subsection, select “Who can view”.

Selecting “Private” among the proposed ones will close the clip from outsiders, no one will be able to watch the recording.

How to make a private video public

To make changes, you must:

  • Open the video and click on the three points located on the right side.
  • A list will appear in the display and search for “Privacy”.
  • Move to the “Who can view” section.

The procedure ends with a transfer from “Privat” or “Only to friends” to “Public”.

Publish hidden video in Tik Tok

Viewing private clips

The only way to view content in a private account is to join the ranks of subscribers. The person should send a request to the owner of the channel and wait for confirmation. There are no other options, and all promises to open closed pages are tricks of scammers.

How to use privacy for deferred posting

Restricted settings allow you to upload files at any time and publish them later. The system does not limit the number of closed installations.

Deleting a private video

To erase a closed video, you need to:

  • open the video in the app and click on the three dots on the right;
  • find “Trash” and click on it;
  • confirm the deletion request.

This approach allows you to remove unnecessary clips from the server.

Private account

The features of the Tik-Tok closed profile include:

  • opening clips, likes only for subscribers;
  • disable automatic synchronization with other programs;
  • inability to download video clips by outsiders.

The owner of the restricted channel will be required to confirm subscriptions upon request.

How to

To create a private profile, you must:

  • Log in to the Tik-Tok application and click on the “I” shortcut located on the right side.
  • Click on three dots and move to the “Privacy” block.
  • Select the “Private account” sign.
  • The procedure ends by moving the toggle switch to the active position.

How to get back sharing

To return a channel to the public category, do the following:

  • After opening Tik Tok, the user is moved to the “Mine” subsection.
  • From the 3-dot menu (top-right corner), selects the Privacy option.
  • Disables the toggle switch next to the “Private Account” label.

After completing the task, the sign will turn gray, and video materials on the service will become available to users. Subscription requests sent by viewers will be automatically approved by the system.

When privacy can hurt

Experienced tiktokers do not recommend switching the channel to closed if you want to promote your profile. Private pages are not included in the list of recommended pages, and casual viewers will not be able to like, download and watch videos. The statistics will drop sharply and due to the lack of subscribers, not everyone will like the idea of ​​waiting for a friend.

TikTok private is rarely used. Most channel owners are teenagers trying to cash in on video promotions and views. Closing is best done for individual materials that have no place in the public domain.