Rules for creating cool nicknames for TikTok

The Chinese mobile application Tik Tok, also known as, literally burst into the life of modern youth, gathering an army of video makers around itself. Today, more than 500 million users from 150 countries have already downloaded it to their gadgets. But despite this, the number of program fans continues to grow rapidly..

One of the most important tasks when registering an account in an application is choosing a suitable nickname. After all, it should be not only beautiful and memorable, but also correspond to the image of the user. We’ll talk about this.

What is the secret of the popularity of the service

TikTok, or music. lu is an application used to create short videos that you can share with friends. Various effects, background music are added to the finished video or edited using the available filters. It is possible to show your work to friends or post on social networks.


Nickname on tiktok.

So that more people find and view the composition, users try to find beautiful nicknames for TikTok that will stand out from the crowd and be easy to remember.

By the way, the application uses artificial intelligence in its work, due to which it has the ability to analyze the tastes of users, offering content that would best match their preferences.

What is a nickname?

In the same way as in real life, the web user must have his own individual name. But since you can choose it on the Internet yourself, many give free rein to their imagination, creating a cool and cool pseudonym.

A nickname from English translates as “another name”. It should be light, bright, concise, unique and sound beautiful. But due to the fact that there are billions of users on the web, it is very difficult to do this.

Nicknames differ from logins in that there are no strict restrictions for them. When writing it, it is allowed to use Cyrillic and Unicode characters. However, often users try to put the same name everywhere (in the name of email, pages of social networks, website address), which does not work.

Therefore, they limit themselves to Latin letters, numbers and icons that are valid everywhere (underscore and dash).

Creation Rules

When registering in the application, everyone is faced with the need to come up with a nickname and password. And if there usually are no problems with the latter, then the desired name for TikTok may already be taken by someone. In this case, the guy or girl will have to strain his imagination or use special services.

Which language is better

By name, the profile associated with it can be found by other users. Therefore, if the purpose of registration was the opportunity to share your own video on, it is better to call yourself some kind of easy-to-remember and pronunciation name. You can make cool nicknames for TikTok in any language. Advanced platform users are advised to choose English or Russian.

List of Name Regeneration Sites

Since the advent of social networks or online games, Internet users have been trying to come up with an interesting nickname. But this had to spend a lot of time and effort. Therefore, special services were created whose task is to supply original names.

How to invent yourself

If you wish, you can create an original nickname yourself.

In such cases, experienced users are advised to use one of the following techniques:

  • Add a fictitious surname to your real name. For example, you are Petya Ivanov, and call yourself @petyavasin.
  • Look at what you’re wearing, what color the T-shirt is, or what you’re going to eat for dinner. Combine this data. This way you can get: @sinajagrechaskotletoj.
  • Often during the writing of the text we accidentally press the wrong key, the result is abracadabra. Coming up with a nickname for TikTok in English, you can also take advantage of this. It is enough to change one or several letters in a real name and you have the original nickname ready.

    Nickname change in TikTok.

  • Everyone has their favorite TV heroes or pets. Why not use their name.
  • A dictionary may come to the rescue. It is enough to take any word or combination, the first that came to mind, and make its translation into another language. So it turns out a nickname that no one has started to subscribe to.
  • Replace letters with numbers or signs.
  • Remember the ancient Greek myths and their heroes. Perhaps one of the names will suit you too..
  • Advanced Users Use Random Nick Generators.
  • Another option is to write a real name or any other word backwards or use different fonts.
  • No need to make a long nickname. Remove one or more letters from your name and get a unique name.

When thinking up nicknames for TikTok, remember that the @ symbol must be in front of it.

Forbidden Nicknames

There are such names for TikTok for girls and boys that you can’t sign your account with. An application has specific name selection criteria..

Nickname censorship restrictions.

Here are prohibited:

  • Slang and obscene expressions.
  • Erotic or sexual phrases.
  • Names that speak of racial or other discrimination.
  • Insults.
  • Provocative slogans.

If your nickname does not meet the requirements of the application, the administration has the right to delete the account.

How to quickly change name in TikTok

Over time, a certain name, no matter how cool it may sound, may get bored, and the user wants to change it. In tiktok, this is allowed, but do not forget that within 1 month you can not edit information about yourself in the profile.

The action algorithm is as follows:

  • Find application icon on screen.
  • Enter with the data specified during registration.
  • When the “Edit Profile” button appears, click it. Now you can call yourself in a new way.


If you take a responsible approach to choosing a nickname for TikTok, the process can be very fun and completely uncomplicated. It must be remembered that the name must be unique. But this does not mean that its creation will be unimaginable. Most subscriptions are collected just by those accounts whose authors did not come up with something supernatural, but simply showed creativity.