What to do if a hacked account in TikTok

As technology has evolved, people have begun to trust more of their data with various online services. This is not missed the opportunity to take advantage of dishonest persons. Indeed, in the modern world, personal information is also a commodity. Illegal seizure of it helps to enter any social network, this is called hacking an account. How to protect yourself, what to do to those who have already become a victim of scammers – let’s understand.

Application versions

TikTok is a popular community of clip makers. Here the user has the opportunity to become a star by recording just a few short videos, putting music on him and skillfully using special effects. The main audience of the platform is teenagers, although there are already people of advanced age. In 2019, the number of followers reached 500 million people..

With the growing popularity of the application, they, naturally, became interested in malefactors. Therefore, as in any other social network, account hacks appeared here. Especially often the target was the untwisted pages of users who had many subscribers. And on the Internet you can find offers for the sale of Tik Tok hack.

Important: There are applications similar to TikTok. They are less secure, as well as limited in functionality..


Hacking account in TikTok.

The licensed version of any service is exactly the program that the developers created.

Downloading it allows you to:

  • Act in a legal field, since the use of unlicensed versions violates the rights of the manufacturer.
  • Update application.
  • Receive technical support.
  • Avoid penetration of viruses into devices.


Tik Tok is a platform that is used primarily for creating mini-clips and promoting them on the Web. So modern youth seeks to prove themselves and make new friends. Naturally, the more serious the number of subscribers on an account, the more fans of its owner.

You can promote your page yourself. You need to add useful and interesting content, share likes, put popular hashtags in the descriptions for the clips. But it can take quite a while..

Download TikTok hack with a huge number of subscribers is impossible. There are also no special codes to increase the army of fans. Back tik tok jump is used to increase the number of likes on your account. However, this is dangerous for the security of the client. TikTok subscribers cheating is directly prohibited.

How to find and install

Download hacked TikTok from official sites (such as Play market, etc.) will not work. Therefore, you have to look for it on the Internet. Downloading ark will begin after clicking on the link offered there. Next, click on the file icon to start the installation of the application. Then it remains to create an account to be able to log into your account.

If you “opened” the profile

There are many ways to hack it: by launching the virus on a mobile device, using phishing, or tricking usernames and passwords by fraud. There are many reasons for this too: from spamming and reading personal correspondence to extortion and other fraudulent activities.

You can learn about hacking by the following signs:

  • there are incomprehensible entry points in statistics;
  • unread messages were viewed;
  • A notification about blocking the page has arrived;
  • personal profile data changed.

What to do first

If someone managed to hack your TikTok account, the steps are as follows:

  • Run a device scan with antivirus software to make sure that it does not contain malware. If they are still found, you will have to contact the service center, because even if you change the password, it will be immediately again stolen by intruders.
  • Write technical support. Specify your problem in detail. Usually the administration restores the account. But there are times when this cannot be done, because the page is blocked so that the attacker does not use personal data.
  • Check the message list. Often after hacking from the profile they start sending out all kinds of spam. If this still happened, contact your friends and warn them about what happened..

How to protect yourself

Having restored the hacked TikTok, you still need to perform several actions to protect yourself from repetition in the future:

  • Set the garter to the phone number in the settings. After that, you will receive a code that must be entered in order to access your page.
  • More often change the password for your account, mail and social networks. At the same time, try to come up with complex combinations that will not be easy for attackers to pick up. Never use the same set of letters, numbers and symbol for different resources..
  • Erase everything unnecessary on your device and try not to download dubious files and programs, do not click on the links that come from strangers. Also review the social network page. Remove strangers from friends, leave groups that are suspicious.


Trying to learn how to hack Tik Tok, you need to understand that all responsibility for such actions lies with you. There are no separate applications in order to “open” someone’s profile. But there are utilities that make it possible to access someone else’s device.

If Tik Tok hack is needed to increase the number of likes or subscribers, then it is better to try to increase your popularity by other methods, including paid ones. Quite a lot of specialists deal with this professionally..

Those who became victims of crackers themselves should change their password, check the device for malware and refuse to download dubious files in the future.