What is a nickname and how to change it in TikTok

More and more people around the world are starting to use the Tiktok music app. When registering, the system offers to choose a person’s name and profile picture, by which he can be found. But over time, they may get bored or become irrelevant, and then the question arises – how to change the nickname in TikTok. This will be discussed in our article..

Why is it needed

Since Internet rules require originality, the name should not be repeated among several users at the same time. Because users fantasize a lot, picking a pseudonym.

Nickname (from the English word nickname) – means a nickname. It is thought up in order to remain anonymous on the Web. If desired, it is easy to change.

Nickname is used absolutely in all Internet projects (forums, games, social networks). Often it is a reflection of the nature and habits of a person. Therefore, experienced psychologists, having heard a pseudonym, can tell a lot about the personality of the author and his inner world.

Which option to prefer

At first glance, choosing a pseudonym is very simple. But when a person is faced with this task, problems often begin: it is difficult to dwell on one option; the invented nickname is already taken, etc..

In addition, the name must meet some requirements:

  • Originality. The more exotic the nickname turns out to be, the easier it will be to stand out among the general mass.
  • Simplicity. Beginners often do not understand what a nickname is and come up with intricate combinations that are impossible to remember. Therefore, do not overload it with symbols.
  • Semantic load. The name is always associated with the personal qualities of its owner. But it can also reflect his interests and hobbies. If priorities become different, you can change the nickname.

Also nicks for TikTok should be free.

There are several ways to come up with an original name:

  • Use a real name, but with slight modifications. For example, add a few numbers or translate to Cyrillic.
  • Remember what friends called you in childhood.
  • Write the name of your favorite character in a fairy tale, film, public person. If it turns out to be free, you can keep it.
  • Take a foreign dictionary. It is possible that some name will appeal.
  • Describe your appearance. One of the adjectives may turn out to be exactly the options you were looking for.
  • Play with the words – re-read them backwards, rearrange the letters.

How to update a nickname

If you have a question about how to change the name in Tik Tok, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Log in to the application on a computer or phone.
  • Click on the image of the person in the lower right.
  • Open user profile. This icon is located in the center of the screen..
  • A few lines will appear in the window. Among them, you need to find the one that is indicated by the “face”.
  • Replacing the old name, enter a new one.
  • Click on the “Save” button.

Other data can be corrected in the settings, change the ava in TikTok or set a new password.

How often and why do it

Original nicknames and avas for social help you quickly find a particular user. But still there are reasons why people decide to change their name in TikTok.

The most common of them include:

  • The old nickname is removed if it has ceased to like or has become irrelevant.
  • An error was made when entering an alias during registration.
  • It does not correspond to the achievements of the user.
  • A more original or interesting option has appeared..

You can change the name in TikTok no more than 1 time per month. Therefore, if the old doesn’t seem interesting anymore, you will have to wait at least 30 days before introducing the new option.

Prohibited Names

Administration of the application does not allow the use of nicknames if it is present in them:

  • slang expressions or obscene words;
  • phrases of an erotic nature;
  • provocative slogans;
  • any insults;
  • manifestations of discrimination.

Therefore, even knowing how to change the name in Tik Tok, this will not work if it does not meet certain criteria.


If desired, each user can change their nickname in TikTok. You just need to open the settings and enter new data. But the procedure is allowed no more than 1 time per month. Moreover, the name must meet certain criteria and not violate the rules of the music application. Otherwise, the administration reserves the right to delete such an account.