Time for publications: we track activity of subscribers in TikTok

For the positive development of an account on a social network, it is important not only to choose the right content, but also to set the time for posting. That is, to understand when subscribers are most active.

Few people know, but TikTok allows you to track the wakefulness of the audience. For this, the developers equipped the program codes with analytical components. Results are displayed directly in the application..

The only drawback is the feature available only for the PRO account.

Change Channel Type

An advanced user with an appropriate account has advanced functionality. To change a profile:

  •       Open the TikTok Utility.
  •       Tap the “Account Management” tab.
  •       Select Go To Pro-Account.
  •       From the proposed categories, select the most suitable.

So your profile will receive more recommendations in displaying a search bar for a specific topic. The utility so far allows you to specify only one category. Over time, the developers promise to increase this opportunity..

Important: the functionality of the application will not change after the innovation is confirmed. The user will have access to more teams.

Now you can see the analytics like this:

  •       Go to settings.
  •       Choose Subscribers.
  •       Tap “Analytics”.

Important: in the section you can select the statistics display options: frequency, actions and more. Uploading analytics will fail. You can only take screenshots of the image, saving them in the device.

 Choose publication time

It’s good to track activity, but you need to understand how to catch the most optimal period for publication..

Analytics show the interest of users, gender of subscribers, their location. You can also choose a general overview of statistics, content parameters and actions exclusively of subscribers.

It is the indicator of the region that will allow you to calculate the prime time. That is the best time to publish content.

Popular bloggers choose three periods to post:


  •       Morning. Before going to work, study.
  •       Dinner. The time when people try to take a break from workload.
  •       Evening. Especially popular is the first hour after the end of work – 18: 00-19: 00. People in public transport, returning home, are actively browsing social networks.

Do not “ship”

Important: if you publish multiple posts daily, break the content thematically. Don’t make subscribers think in a “difficult” period.

Bloggers advise “filtering” posts:

  •       In the morning – motivational publications, entertainment.
  •       In the afternoon – account-themed reviews, jokes, small news, plans, tips.
  •       In the evening – entertainment, daily results.

Important: Do not forget to ask subscribers about what is happening in their life. Interactions increase the activity of users, attract more fans. Conduct polls, respond to comments, do duets.

The TikTok social network is finalizing functionality, allowing bloggers to expand their audience. An important element is account statistics. With its help, you can adjust the content, change the release time of materials. The main thing is to calculate the possible options.

But you can get real subscribers using third-party resources.