TikTok PRO account – what is it and how to create it

The popularity of the application that allows you to create short videos is growing every day. Because the developers have no choice but to improve its capabilities. For this, in the summer of 2019, a new product appeared – PRO account. What is a TikTok PRO account and why is it needed, let’s understand.


The history of the appearance of a professional profile is quite simple – advanced users asked that specific functions be created that would allow expanding their capabilities two or more times. Therefore, it is often provided for a fee.. Those who decide to install PRO get additional alternatives that are not available to the owners of a regular account.

Why and who needs it

Benefits of a TikTok PRO Account

PRO account in TikTok gives the user the following benefits:

  • the opportunity to upgrade your rating for free;
  • select a category for the profile;
  • advertising launch;
  • View statistics for each individual video and page in full.

Only those who have connected a professional account can see analytics by the number of subscribers, the duration of viewing videos, likes and other information.

Such a function becomes relevant for everyone who wants to promote their TikTok page, increase their audience, making money on it. Having understood what subscribers are waiting for, it’s easy to reorient themselves and provide them with exactly the product that they want to see. How to make a PRO account in TikTok? Read about it below..

Step-by-step instruction

Function is available for iPhone or Android devices..

To connect a PRO-account in Tick Tok you need:

  • Open the application, go to settings. At the top right there is a button with three dots, clicking on which a menu opens.
  • Select My Account Icon.
  • Next – “Switch to PRO-account”.
  • In the tab that opens, click “Continue”.
  • Find the desired account category. Professional profiles allows you to display user content in the recommendations stream, where interested users can view videos.
  • In the window that appears, write the phone number where the confirmation code will come.

Switch PRO account in TikTok.

After the activation is complete, the “Analytics” button will become available, clicking on which will allow you to find all the data about your activity, the actions of competitors.


In the summer of 2019, developers provided the opportunity to create a second TikTok account for free.

His main task is to view statistics, detailed information about other bloggers, their age, gender, frequency of displaying videos, trending ideas, etc..


Having created 2 account in TikTok, the user can access the section where you can view any information relating to the profile or individual videos:

  • weekly or 28-day slice of watched videos, visits;
  • New popular clips in the last 7 days;
  • the total number of subscribers, the number of those who joined their ranks during the day or week, disaggregated by age, gender, location;
  • video viewing data, traffic sources and origin of the target audience.


If you enable a second (professional) account in Tiktok, the user can use the privacy function. To do this, go to the settings and select the appropriate item.

TikTok PRO Account Confidentiality.

Several options are available here:

  • Private profile. In this case, all videos placed in the program will be available for viewing only to those subscribers who will receive permission for this. But, as practice shows, the function is useless, especially for those who promote their account, since a closed account is not available for searching, viewing and other actions.
  • Security. At this point, you can create a list of those who are allowed to see the user’s videos, leave comments in them, exchange messages, and perform other actions.
  • “Allow me to find.” Here the page will become visible for search..

Push notifications

Having set up the push, you can enable notifications about a number of events: new comments, subscribers, clips, likes. Those who just downloaded the ARC and verified the data are recommended to leave everything as it is for the first time. This will allow you to track events and quickly respond to them. And after the audience grows, change them.

How to return to your profile

To disable the PRO-account, you need to do the same actions, only at the penultimate step, click “Return personal section”. Such a transition will mean the loss of the ability to monitor statistics and receive updates. Change one status to another is allowed at any time.

The function is available to all users. Using it, everyone will be able to reach a new level of their creative development..


To learn what to do and how to connect TikTok Pro, you need everyone who wants to promote their page, making it more popular, and put it on monetization. With the help of analytics, it is easy to know your target audience, its preferences, find new successful videos, track the growth dynamics of subscribers. Also provided here is tiktok wall picture, which is no longer required to download.