TikTok Newsletter: A Way to Promote Your Account

Social networks are distinguished by the possibility of free communication. Until recently, TikTok did not have such a team..

The updated version of the interface contains new features that allow you to popularize your account, attract new subscribers. Also, mailing letters is beneficial when promoting goods, services.

Private Messages, Features

Online chat enhances interactivity. However, just one step is sharing communication and spam.

Before entering a feature for an account, consider the following:

  •     Faster customer promotion. 60% of recipients not only open notifications, but also go to the pages of senders. Some of them, with quality content design, subscribe to an account.
  •     The waste of time. Sending to each user separately takes a couple of hours daily. Positive results will appear only after a week of work.
  •     Spam Active mailing may result in temporary suspension of the account or restriction of certain functions. Therefore, you need to know in advance how many shipments are allowed daily.

Important: do not send to one user more than two letters per week. It is desirable that the recipients do not repeat at all. In the event of a user vote, the spammer’s account will be blocked.

How to do the newsletter

Sending letters is the final action. In order for it to have positive results, treat the procedure as scrupulously as possible..

Bloggers with a multi-million audience recommend the following:

  •     Compose your text in advance. It should include: a greeting, a summary of the goal, a call to action, gratitude. Address your opponent with respect, use multiple forms (you). Also, you cannot directly indicate what to do. For example, “Follow the link now”, “Buy by share”. Save the draft version in a notebook so that you can easily make changes if necessary.
  •     Call by name. It is difficult to register an appeal to each user separately. However, this behavior indicates that you have learned the opponent. Feeling important, the client will at least politely visit your page.
  •     Write short. No one reads memoirs. Seeing a long text, users close the chat. Qualitatively make 3-5 sentences.
  •     Use emoticons, stickers, emojis.. Modern society expresses emotions in this way. Psychologists have proven that text without visual accompaniment to users of social networks seems boring. In some cases – threatening.

Using tips, positive results will appear in the first week of engaging the audience.

Important: users with no experience in writing an advertising text should contact a professional marketer.

For the promotion of goods, services, sending letters is an additional way to attract an audience. The main thing is to write the text correctly, not to be too active (do not spam). Sending SMS takes time, and positive results will be visible in a week.