TikTok avatar – design rules

A beautiful profile photo can not only attract the attention of other users, but also become a free tool for promoting your account. Therefore, the question of how to change ava in TikTok is relevant for everyone who registers in the application.

Service Features

The Tik Tok music community, with more than 500 million members, is used to create and watch short videos. In order to make them even more interesting, they impose music, various masks and effects. You can work with the application both on a personal computer and on any mobile device.

Despite the fact that the platform will allow you to record a clip lasting no more than 15 seconds, it has a number of advantages:

  • The ability to study the preferences of their users, adapt to them, choosing content that can interest everyone.
  • The ability for anyone to prove themselves by showing their talents and abilities.
  • Combining recorded clips with frames from popular movies.
  • Gorgeous library of available masks, effects, filters.
  • Convenient video editing tool.

The main audience of Tik Tok are teenagers and young people under 25 years old. After registering in the application, they can independently fill out their profile, choose, change avatars.

What is it and why is it needed

Today you rarely meet a user who does not have his picture in the profile. Ava for TikTok – a small graphic image or a real photo. With it, you can show yourself or your hobbies, views.

Without an avatar for TikTok, the profile will look faceless and boring. It allows you to recognize participants, guess their character, mood.

Without choosing a TikTok title photo, registration will not be possible. As such an illustration can be used:

  • real shot of a person;
  • children’s photos;
  • pictures with animals;
  • cartoon characters;
  • heroes of popular films;
  • famous personalities;
  • images of nature;
  • illustration of stylish things;
  • inscriptions;
  • abstraction.

Rules for registration

Replacing avatars in TikTok.

The selected TikTok ava photo must meet certain criteria:

  • It is not advisable to put an image on which a face is not visible, or with poor quality.
  • Doubtful nude shots. In addition, they can easily be blocked by the administration of the service.
  • Selfies look good.
  • Photos taken through the mirror will not be very relevant in the profile.
  • Do not abuse filters when creating ava.
  • A smile in a photo always attracts more attention than a dull look.

To put an avatar, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Log in to the app using credentials or another social network profile.
  • Find the most successful picture or do it yourself.
  • Open an account, select “Change avatar”.
  • Clicking on it, attach the image.

If after adding the user decided that this photo does not fit, you can change it to any other. You can also change the nickname in TikTok.

Quality Requirements and Options

The size of the picture on the ava in TikTok should not exceed 100 * 100 pixels. If it is larger, it is better to crop in any graphics editor. Otherwise, the image may appear blurry or only part of it will be visible. The valid format is JPEG. Animashki are also used, but they are advised not to abuse.

As for quality, the illustration should be clear and not violate the rules of the service. You can change it an unlimited number of times.

What does ava affect

An avatar on social networks is used for recognition. A well-chosen picture is able to draw the attention of other participants to your page. So, users will be able to get acquainted with your content, and if they like it, you will have one more subscriber. Therefore ava is a free promotion tool.


An avatar is as much an integral part of a profile as a nickname. Therefore, it must be unique, besides reflecting the mood of the user. You can pick up both a personal photo and any interesting picture from the Internet. If everything is done correctly, then new subscribers will not take long.

To improve the image, you can install the application for video processing in TikTok and photos.