Text in TikTok – how to write

A huge selection of effects and tools are available to the Tik Tok subscriber, allowing you to shoot interesting clips. Recently, developers have added here the ability to create labels. Therefore, now you do not need to contact third-party programs or insert “paper posts” into the video. Let’s see how to make text in TikTok?

When and what they write

During the creation and editing of the video, you may need to say something or emphasize a certain point, but do not use your voice. Therefore, the developers proposed a new function with which you can make inscriptions in TikTok, choosing for this a suitable place, display time, font, size, color, other parameters.

Often this is a popular aphorism or idiom, the date the plot was recorded, or simply the name of the micro chapter.

Accordingly, even at the stage of creating the script, it is worth considering the need to make a text segment, which will positively affect the viewer’s perception of the video. To do this, you need to figure out how to insert words in TikTok.

Than sign

Text in TikTok.

Several fonts are available for adding text to Tik Tok:

  • “classic”;
  • “Print”;
  • “manuscript”;
  • “neon”.

Control Panel

The editing mode provides the user with the following functions:

  • Change the hue of the fill.
  • Align the label to the center or one of the edges.
  • Choosing the right font and color for the word.

At the top are icons that allow you to change the fill or align the message. Here you can select a font sample.

The second line of the menu is used to select the shade of letters. The fill and alignment symbols are similar to those of Word and Excel..

After entering a phrase or a single word, click on “Finish”. Next, proceed with editing the size, hue, display time and location.

Around the sticker you can see the icons:

  • Pencil – used to write text, translates to edit mode.
  • Clock – indicate the exact time when the inscription should appear. A video scale appears on the screen where, by selecting the checkboxes, the moment of the beginning or end of the demonstration of the text is determined.
  • The arrows allow you to move the sticker to the desired part of the screen, change its size (stretch or compress).
  • The cross closes the window with the deletion of the written.

You can move the text to the trash by holding it with your finger and moving it to the bin.

To return to the main recording menu, use the “Next” icon. After that, the clip can be viewed, if necessary, apply effects, filters, or immediately save and send for publication.

How to mount captions

Video Captions.

You can insert text into TikTok using voice dialing or write by typing words on the keyboard. For editing, use one of the characters below.

In the video

You can record clips and create captions on any phone (iPhone, devices running on Android or Windows Background).

To add notes, you need to open the editor, indicated by the “Aa” icon, which is located in the main menu of the clip. When you click on it, an electronic keyboard appears (Russian or English – based on the installed version of the application), different color effects.

Further, the algorithm is as follows:

  • Enter the desired phrase or single word.
  • Choose a suitable font, shade of letters.
  • Resize text, place it in the desired part of the phone screen.
  • Touching the sticker, set the time of its appearance and disappearance.

After that, you can start applying filters and using effects. Following recommendations on how to write on TikTok videos, users make beautiful, interesting clips.

Per image

The procedure for adding captions on a Tik Tok photo is similar to the process on a video.


Some fans at the stage of creating original videos in the application are not limited to the ability to insert fixed text, but decide on animation.

Such an inscription periodically appears and disappears, moves across the screen in all directions, flips over, pulsates, changes the hue, the height of the letters, shows other interesting effects. The number of such stickers can be unlimited..

To insert text into a TikTok video, which is an animated splash screen, you need to use special programs. It can be: Kinemaster, Movavi editor and any others. They are simple or difficult to use, designed for beginners or professionals. Their interface, the set of proposed tools, the algorithm of work is similar.

In the installation apply:

  • phone screen;
  • selection of effects;
  • menu of available functions;
  • ruler and time counter.

You can use Microsoft Power Point, a program for creating presentations in Windows, to write text on a computer..

Here is a good selection of tools with which to edit formats, make animation fragments.

The text is added to both the new video and the long-established one. The inscription can be changed, edited, deleted.

How to remove or make a watermark

Users can download and share publications, send them via social networks or instant messengers. At the same time, the TikTok watermark is saved on the screen, which not everyone likes.

To remove it, certain applications are used..

  • IPhone owners can find Video Saver on the App Store.
  • For Android on the Play Market introduced Video Downloader, created specifically for Tik Tok.

Use them to erase and add watermarks to the video..


Captions in the clips help make the video more spectacular and memorable. Therefore, TikTok subscribers actively use them to promote their content. Creating them is not difficult, but you should not forget that the text should be in harmony with the image on the screen, so you need to choose it carefully.