Slow motion effect – how to shoot slow motion video in TikTok

Slow motion is a popular effect that is used in movie processing. Knowing how to slow down video in TikTok, you can easily record the original clip on any device, even without the use of special programs.


What it is

Sloumo in Musicical is a special feature that allows you to slow down the time on the video. The filmmakers add this effect to give the film a spectacular appearance. Therefore, having correctly designed slowmo in Tik Tok, the author of the video will make it epic, adding a certain moment to the importance or, vice versa, comic. But if you paste it in the wrong place, the result will be ridiculous.

For which devices

Only iPhone owners can do sloumo in TikTok. Those whose gadget works on Android or another operating system will have to use a third-party application.


Slowmo effect.

How to make slow motion video in TikTok? To do this, you must immediately prepare 2 gadgets. For example, a smartphone and tablet. The first one will be shot, and the second is needed to play your favorite music.

Recording process

To shoot a slow-motion clip in Tik Tok, use the editor with the slow-motion function or a special application. IPhone owners can start creating a video right away.

For this:

  • The “Camera” opens.
  • Find slowmo mode.
  • Slowdown is activated and movie shooting begins.
  • It is advisable to immediately prepare a second gadget, where to include a song, under which all actions will be played.
  • When viewing it is possible to edit the record and save it.
  • Then the application opens where you need to download the captured clip by selecting the music that was used for video.
  • Ready video can be laid out for viewing.

How to shoot slumo in TikTok on Android?

Since there is no built-in effect, you have to slow down or speed up the video in other programs:

  • Slow Motion FX is a service whose only function is to slow down. It is used as an addition to the camera or editor. It’s also possible to trim the clip here..
  • Viva Video is a free program with wide functionality. With its help it is easy to carry out full-fledged installation, shoot videos and do braking.
  • Video Shop is a program where various editing tools are available. Using it, you can resize, make text in TikTok, crop, copy, flip, decrease or increase speed, stop.

    Video Shop Program.

  • Action Director – Offers ample opportunity to correct the footage. Among other functions, there is a slider for slowing down or accelerating time.
  • Bee Cut is an application that allows you to record clips with various options. It contains filters, text design, crop, visual elements, you can make transitions in TikTok.

To upload videos musically from iPhone, you must:

  • Login, log in and select “+”.
  • At the bottom right there is a Gallery button where you can place the finished material. After clicking on it, a tab opens where a selection of available clips is stored. Having selected the necessary one, click “Download”.
  • If necessary, the material is edited using transitions and overlay effects.

For iPhone, the function of uploading a video to Facebook or YouTube is available.

Downloading on Android devices is exactly the same.

Creating effects

Sloumo is well suited for recording funny videos that will certainly attract the attention of users. Therefore, it is allowed to experiment with them in different situations..

You need:

  • Open the application and log in.
  • Click on the “+” image in the center of the screen.
  • Choose your desired speed. To do this, take one of the available options.

Without third-party services

In Tik Tok, the user can create a new video or load an already prepared clip from memory. Even if the camera on the smartphone does not make it possible to create a sloumo effect, making it easy in the application itself.

How to slow down in TikTok:

  • Open the service and log in.
  • Click on the “+” icon in the center of the screen.
  • Record a new clip or download from the gallery already there.
  • If shooting is carried out directly in Tik Tok, then you can immediately add one or more special effects. To do this, use the icon located at the bottom left. A timer, sound selection and quality improvement are also available for work..
  • After shooting or downloading a clip from the gallery, a new set of possibilities opens, including: image rotation, determining the recording length, slowing down or accelerating in a separate time interval.
  • At the end of the video, audio recording and other effects in TikTok are superimposed if necessary.

Free fonts for TikTok are also provided in the application..

Songs for Slowmo

Based on what the user shoots in his video, the appropriate music is selected. It could be a new hit, a song popular many years ago, or a remix.

Most often, videos that are at the top of the charts are added to the video.

Currently, the leaders are:

  • Panamera – GOODY;
  • This Girl – Laza Morgan;
  • “The Girl with the Four of a Kind” – “Mukka”.


Only interesting videos with an exciting plot and well-used effects can become popular. Slow motion videos can gain a lot of likes and get into the TikTok recommendations feed, where an unlimited number of viewers can view them.