Photos in TikTok – how to make and upload

Making their account in musical ly, users select the original nickname and avatar. It can be an icon, movie or image. In the TikTok service, photos are added in various ways. We consider in detail each of them.

Public Features

The Tik Tok music app combines videos and karaoke. And although he is only 3 years old, the audience has already exceeded 500 million users.

And all because they offer here:

    • Embed audio in video. By clicking on the icon on the right, you will see a list of available songs, which are sorted by genre, popularity and release date.. In addition, the user can add tracks stored on his mobile device or personal computer. To adjust the volume, a special toggle switch is designed.
    • Use filters that are indicated by a book icon. So it turns out to make a video screensaver. If the clip is filmed online, you can immediately embed the audio here. Thanks to the countdown function, the user has time to prepare for the start of shooting. The Beauty mode will allow to hide appearance defects. Before posting a video on the Web, they suggest registering hashtags that make it easier for other participants to find it..
    • Add effects using the cursor. Thus, users can create unique clips that attract the attention of a wide audience..

How to download and upload photos

Each TikTok user is offered to independently fill out their profile. For it to be unique and attract attention, you will need an avatar. It can be any photo, logo or emblem. If desired, it is always easy to change.

To edit personal data, go to the settings menu, represented by a button with an image of a person. In the new window, the profile change mode is selected, where you can use one of two options: install a clip or upload a photo musical ly.

If you chose the second method, you will see a list:

  • Take a new photo.
  • Take the finished from the gallery.
  • View image.
  • Undo Actions.

To download a picture from a smartphone, button No. 2 is used. To do this, you need to accept the request for access to the files stored on the device. In the list that appears, select the appropriate option. If it is necessary to remove the excess, the “Crop” function will help. To complete the operation, the “Save” button is clicked, after which the photo will be displayed in the place of the avatar.

Tik Tok Image Design

Let’s see how to take a photo in TikTok. To take a new avatar using the camera, use the line “Create a picture”. In this case, the application will also request permission to access the files. It needs to be accepted.

At the next stage, a mobile camera will appear on the screen. For recording, you can change the type of shooting – front or main. Having selected the optimal angle, a photo is taken, which is displayed on the site of the avatar. If the user is satisfied with the result, it must be saved..

When Ava Tired

Since the profile image is associated with the user’s mood, it is not surprising that many often replace it with something new. In addition, a successful picture can attract attention and even free to promote a page.

To change photos in TikTok, you need:

  • Enter the application under your credentials, specifying a username and password or using the link to other social networks, google account.
  • Choose a suitable image or take a new photo.

    Change profile photo.

  • Open the profile page, where there will be an item “Change profile picture”.
  • In the opened tab, click on an existing image. The system will offer to install another.
  • Select the desired image and save it.

Before replacing an avatar, you need to determine the appropriate option. It must be original, memorable and match the content posted on the account..

Slide show

Having mastered the basic functions of the application, users can create spectacular photo collages. The instructions for Android and iPhone are slightly different.

Owners of an Android device to record a slide show need:

  • Open TikTok and click on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen, after which the recording mode appears.
  • By selecting the “Download” icon, files stored on the smartphone become available. If you need a video, use the “Clips” item. In other cases, you must select “Image”. The application will allow you to upload no more than 12 pictures.
  • Then the “Slide Show” button will appear. Here you can change the orientation, use filters or add a melody. After processing, click Next.
  • At the next step, a description of the video is compiled, hashtags are invented and friends who need to be shown are selected.
  • Now the collage can be left in a draft or published.

To make slide shows on iPhone, you need to use the Animoto application. After installing it on your mobile device, get to work.

It is necessary:

  • Open Animoto and register in the program.
  • Click on the “Create Video” button.
  • Define a video style.
  • If you need to add music, select the “Change song” option (file from the device or from the application gallery).
  • When the audio sequence is over, go back to the slides and click on the blue arrow.
  • In the window that opens, select the appropriate images (no more than 20).
  • After clicking the arrow again, the editing mode opens, where you can add text, change orientation, trim extra fragments.
  • Preview allows you to evaluate your work again before adding it to the network.
  • At the end, click on the “Save and create” button..

To place a slide show in TikTok, you need to open the application on the iPhone, click “+” and select “Download”. Here you can edit the collage again: change the format, add effects and description. For others to see it, you need to click “Publish”.


Photos in TikTok can be used to create a personal profile or create a unique slide show. You can select pictures from the gallery on your mobile device or take new pictures online.