Overview and description of TikTok video processing applications

Due to its simplicity, Tik Tok quickly became popular among fans of recording and uploading short clips to the Network.. But in order for clips to become truly spectacular and unique, you need to edit them before showing them to other users.. For such purposes, an application for processing video in TikTok is used. Which of them to choose, we will tell in the article.


What is the feature

The social network is installed on the smartphone and is used when creating, watching short videos. Thus, users try to show their talents and find fans. To do this, in TikTok there are a number of masks and effects that help to make the clip interesting and original..

Video Processing Services Overview

For editing clips on iPhone or Android, Tik Tok has built-in resources. But they may not be enough. In such cases, special installation applications for TikTok are useful. The same applies to tik tok on windows phone. Let’s consider them in more detail..

For phone


Due to the fact that the service was originally created specifically for gadgets, there are many programs for installation in TikTok that work on any phone.


This video editor for TikTok allows you to view your changes before the clip is published. Here is a wide selection of popular features. It will be easy for the user to trim the movie, swap parts of it, remodel timing, overlay music.

A variety of video effects, filters and animations are also available. The creators came up with various design options and the ability to make inscriptions. After the processing is completed, the video can be uploaded to social networks or posted on video hosting.

The KineMaster menu is as clear as possible, so there should not be any glitches. You can download any version of the program for free.

Cute cut

It is called an advanced video editor on Android, with the help of which it turns out to mount full-fledged videos and upload them to YouTube or social networks.

The advantage of Cute Cut is its intuitive interface with an excellent selection of various elements for installation:

  • built-in effects;
  • the ability to reflect, rotate, copy, cut, delete fragments;
  • transitions that make frame change more spectacular;
  • powerful kernel with which you can process large files;
  • sound setting;
  • easy to slow down or speed up the video.


This is a program that allows you to record, process and visualize videos.


The user can choose one of two versions of the editor for TikTok:

  • Free – suitable for beginner bloggers. Offers to shoot short clips and mount them using simple chips.
  • PRO You will have to pay for the installation. At the same time, the user receives an unlimited number of effects, the ability to keep their own diary, and watermarks will not be inserted in the video.

During mounting, you can comment on what is happening with a text message or add funny stickers. The finished work is easy to share on a social network. PowerDirector

Video editor for TikTok, which is installed on Android. The program is used to mount and download clips to any public.

The main functions of PowerDirector include the ability to:

  • Add music from your phone or from the Internet.
  • Cut individual fragments. If there’s an unnecessary frame in the video, it’s easy to remove it from work.
  • Insert pictures of any size and format.
  • Change playback speed.
  • Use effects (Fisheye, Slowmo, etc.)


This is a TikTok video editing application with great functionality:

  • use of various filters and effects;
  • music overlay;
  • crop video to the optimal size;
  • adding stickers;
  • change in playback speed;
  • background setting;
  • text insertion.



The program that helps to do the installation for TikTok on Android. With it, you can shoot or edit an existing video.

For this, there are such functions:

  • modification with the ability to cut individual fragments;
  • sound effects;
  • adding music;
  • speed adjustment;
  • combining several records into one;
  • text input;
  • Filters
  • animation;
  • reverse;
  • scaling
  • duplicate movie.

For pc

For those who use the application on a personal computer, editors are also available that allow you to mount a video and post it to TikTok.

Movavi Video Suite

Easy-to-use video editing software. It combined various possibilities of working with multimedia: the use of special effects, cutting and combining parts of the clip, transitions, titles and filters, the mode of accelerated creation of a clip.

AVS Video Editor

Another multimedia editor used when editing videos. Service is relevant for both beginners and advanced users.. The former will feel confident at work, thanks to a convenient and accessible menu. And the second ones will be able to find here the necessary functions when creating a high-quality clip.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Nonlinear editing software.

Its advantages are:

  • integration with other Adobe services;
  • convenient interface;
  • thoughtful trimming option;
  • the ability to perform all operations using hot keys;
  • stability in work.

Pinnacle studio

The video editor for non-linear editing has the following features:

  • chance to preview before adding video to a social network;
  • the presence of unique multi-level effects;
  • creating a high-quality sound track;
  • customizable tokens;
  • animated captions;
  • the ability to mount multiple tracks at once;
  • 3D graphics with a key frame;
  • simplified online publishing.


TikTok is loved by millions of users for the ability to record unique clips. And to make them even more interesting and spectacular, they are edited using special programs. Their selection is quite extensive. Therefore, each user will be able to choose exactly what suits him the most.