Live subscribers: how to win real readers in TikTok

The popularity of social network accounts depends on the number of subscribers, likes. A large audience reach attracts advertisers, allowing you to earn up to a million rubles per month. Some bloggers manage to have even greater profits.

To get real subscribers, you really need to work:

  •       Post interesting content daily.
  •       Gain interactivity.
  •       Correctly choose the direction of the profile and more.

This is possible on the basis of full-fledged social networks. TikTok attracts with short videos. There is no way to describe what is happening. In addition, all the work takes time – the promotion of up to 10 thousand subscribers lasts more than a year.

Here we will tell you how to attract real active users..

Affiliate services

Interaction platforms are aimed at increasing the activity of a social network account. Services register only real users, using a mobile phone number to activate the profile.

Most sites are free. For attracting an audience, the user must carry out minor tasks: like posts, subscribe to other users, comment on publications.

Paid services are faster. Billing depends on the number of subscribers, likes.

Exclusively social network

You can attract users directly to TikTok. So you can’t be caught using forbidden tricks. This is especially important for bloggers, because advertisers require real statistics, carefully checking activity.

Work with the account is as follows:

  •       Make daily publications. Make a plan, record some interesting videos in advance. Open an account to be featured.
  •       Use hashtags. They are a kind of navigation on the page, grouping information thematically.
  •       Do not forget about the interactive. Communicate with the audience, ask questions, respond to comments. It’s important for subscribers to feel that they are important.
  •       Stay tuned for popular bloggers. No one says copy content, manner of presentation. Focus on the process of shooting, the location in front of the camera, lighting. A beautiful picture is 50 percent guarantee of success.

Important: Select a theme in advance. Content about everything will not immediately interest the audience. It’s best to become an expert in one field, maximum in two, three.

Promotion of an account in TikTok is possible in several ways. If you have time and desire – do not be lazy to do daily publications, communicating with the audience. Think up a plan in advance, write down actions. In a month, the works will show the first positive results.