Instructions for unlocking an account in TikTok

Sometimes users of social networks encounter a ban. This is a kind of punishment for violating the rules of the service. To know how to unlock an account in TikTok, also need those who intentionally or accidentally deleted their page.


In Tik Tok, as in all other publics, there are norms of behavior. The site administration regularly conducts work to identify facts of violation, the fight against spam and other user activities that could damage the functioning or reputation of the application. For any fault, the right to block.

TikTok ban is permanent or temporary. The first is applied to those who grossly violate all the rules of the service. The second applies to minor offenses. In this case, after a certain time, the profile will be unlocked.

The most common reasons for getting a ban include:

  • Using bots for cheating likes or other purposes. It so happens that a regular user can be taken for it. Social networks have long been using their recognition system. Her work is based on certain algorithms. Therefore, if you regularly perform similar actions (like, invite friends, etc.), then the system can take this for a violation, considering the profile as shadow.
  • Use different IP addresses for login. Thus, the site admin is trying to protect the user account from hacking and may block it.
  • Selecting a nickname that does not comply with the rules of the service.
  • Insulting the administration of the application, support staff or other users.
  • Posting offensive, pornographic, or other prohibited videos.
  • Spamming.

In order to avoid such a nuisance and not to look for ways to unlock TikTok, it is recommended that you read the rules for using the service and follow them.

What to do first

Faced with account lockout, first of all, you need to analyze why this could happen.

Next, use one of the following methods:

  • Regardless of why the page turned out to be locked, you must try to recover the password from it through the appropriate service. For this, it is important that the email or phone number indicated during registration is available..
  •  Contact the administration directly for clarification. When leaving a request, you need to specify the login, email or number to which the page is attached. Sometimes the support service may require other information (approximate date of registration or last visit, etc.).

How to restore profile

What to do if blocked in TikTok:

  • Enter the application and click on the button with the image of a person. It is located below. After that, the authorization page opens.
  • If the user does not have access to the password or forgot it, we need the item “We will help”, which is located below the key entry line.
  • In a new window, select an available recovery method. This can be a phone or an email account tied to your account. After filling in all the data, click on the arrow icon.
  • Enter the combination entered in the appropriate column. If the request is made by email, then you need to open the mail and follow the link that will be in the letter.

Then a window will appear on the screen where you will be prompted to enter a new key to enter.

Password Creation Rules

Create a new password in TikTok.

There are certain recommendations for setting up the correct TikTok password..

Reliable options:

  • consist of at least 8 characters;
  • contain a combination of letters of different case, numbers and characters.


  • personal data (phone number, date of birth, name);
  • simple words or combinations of consecutive letters or numbers.

How to recover account

If TikTok blocked or deleted a page, you can try to revive it.

What to do:

  • Run the application and enter the data that was previously used for authorization. After that, a window will appear where it will be indicated that such a page does not exist..
  • Click on the red button labeled “Cancel Deactivation”.

If this is done, then the user profile should open. If desired, you can change the password here. Only those accounts that were deleted less than 1 month ago will be able to unlock. After 30 days, all information disappears forever..


Recovering a TikTok account is possible. To do this, change the password or contact support. But if the page was banned for violations of the rules for using the service, then it is unlikely to return it. In this case, you will have to register again and follow all the recommendations of the site administration.