How to choose a beautiful font for creating text in TikTok

To give originality and effect to the video in Tik Tok, you can make inscriptions. Interesting, beautiful options will not only draw attention to the video, but also inspire the viewer to re-enter the page, noting the work they like. But the program offers exclusively standard letters. Therefore, it is better to download the application for beautiful fonts for TikTok.



Font – a set of characters of the same style. Their history goes back millions of years. Since people began to use styles to express their thoughts, a huge number of letter options have appeared. Today they are used in web space, printing, advertising and other fields..

Fonts provide a comfortable reading experience, highlighting individual elements, forming a page concept.

Based on the destination, they are:

  • Text – easy to read and legible.
  • Title – used in the preparation of headings, so they are mainly large.
  • Occidental – contain unusual characters with a unique artistic solution. Their main task is to attract attention.

Depending on the nature and graphic style, fonts are usually divided into:

  • Chopped – low contrast with the absence of serifs. Symbols of this group have a similar width, clearly look both in large and in small sizes. Mostly they are used in the design of web pages..
  • Medial – characterized by moderate contrast with small serifs. The letters are round in shape, they have a mostly inclined axis.
  • Squared – low-contrast, resembling a parallelepiped with characteristic thickened nicks. A feature of such a font was a smooth transition from thick to thin lines with slight rounding. They, in turn, are divided into old, modern, Egyptian.
  • Ordinary with pronounced contrast and even serifs combined with the main elements perpendicularly.
  • New low-contrast – differ in rounded edges. They are used by printers for magazines or other print media with large voluminous text..


To attract as many followers as possible, bloggers try to make their profile more effective. To do this, select the best photo, original name, interesting description.

Coming up with a nickname, many prefer Latin letters, explaining this by the fact that Russians look less attractive. In addition, the profile name needs to be made memorable and easy..

An important part of the account is its description. Here, users leave brief information about themselves, indicate hobbies, hobbies, and also simply post a wise or famous phrase. Add emoticons or apply beautiful, custom fonts to a page..

How to add text

When creating videos, you may need to focus on something or report some information without using a voice. To do this, the application provides the ability to add captions to the video.

It is only necessary:

  • Click on the “Aa” button at the bottom of the screen..
  • Enter the prepared text. At this stage, you can choose the location of the inscription, its size, color. Several font options are available here – printed, handwritten, classic, complemented by neon lights.

    Creating Text in TikTok.

  • On the sides of the frame where the letters are entered, there are icons. Using the arrows, you can drag the banner anywhere on the screen. A pencil is needed for editing. Using the clock, the interval for displaying text is selected. When you click on the cross, the entry is deleted.
  • The timeline indicates the period the letters are displayed.
  • When done, click on the Done button.

Similarly, you can add multiple banners to the video..

What authors need to know

When writing text in the application, only 4 standard types of letters are available. But to make the video spectacular, this may not be enough. Therefore, users make beautiful fonts for TikTok using special programs. Phrases typed in such an application are simply copied and pasted into Tik Tok.


Beautiful original fonts can attract users to the profile and make the video more effective. However, in TikTok their choice is limited, so not everyone can be creative. Especially for such cases, applications have been created in which you can borrow the inscriptions you like and simply paste them into a social network.