Features of the application “TikTok” on the iPhone

There are a huge number of applications created directly for social networks. However, only the best of them can stand the test of time. One of the most downloaded programs today is Tik Tok, also known as musical.ly.

Hundreds of millions of followers around the world have already downloaded TikTok iPhone for free. According to statistics, at least 15 million videos are uploaded to the Network with the help of it per day.

Device requirements

To download the application on ios, it must meet the following requests:

  • Having an account with Apple ID and the latest updates to the App Store or iTunes Store. Downloading files from other services is prohibited by Apple.
  • Availability of uninterrupted Internet connection.
  • IOS operating system not lower than version 8.
  • Owners of iPhone 4 or 5 need to update the OS using iTunes.
  • At least 300 MB of free space should remain on the disk. The volume of the application is 263 MB.

Install musical.ly on your iPhone or iPad after checking for compatibility with the service.

Description and Functionality

TikTok for iPhone.

The main features of the program on iPhone or iPad include:

  • Access to millions of music tracks.
  • Easy to use – just select the right composition and move your lips to the beat.
  • The ability to add special effects to make the video more attractive (speeding up, slowing down shooting, etc.).
  • Saving work in iPhone iPhone.
  • The ability to share videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social networks.
  • Access to a community where you can watch clips created by other users.


Externally, TikTok is very similar to Instagram. At the bottom there is a panel with available sections:

  • Home – displays the news of users who are subscribed.
  • Interesting – here is a selection of recommendations and videos popular on the Web.
  • Create a clip.
  • Notifications.
  • Profile Page.


By default, Russian users are invited to download TikTok to iPhone in Russian. Having mastered it, many often switch to other versions of the application. The most popular among them was Chinese musically. This is due to a number of advantages and technical capabilities of Tik Tok China:

  • He is better adapted to face recognition, his emotions and facial expressions..
  • Smartphones with Android developers have greater opportunities for using a media studio for creative creativity.
  • The catalog contains more music, video and media files.
  • Adapted from Wi-Chat, which allows you to upload files to other devices.

Step-by-step instruction

You can download musically on iPhone or any smartphone absolutely free. If the user requires money, this is fraud, and you need to check the gadget for malware in it.

Where to download TikTok

The application is available for download on Apstor or Play market. Those who want to install the program on a personal computer or laptop will have to use an emulator.

How to download

There are several ways to download tik tok to iPhone or another device:

Download for free on Android offer in the Google Play Market. For this:

  • find Tiktok in the program and select it;
  • after clicking on the free download sign, downloading will begin;
  • the “Open” and “Delete” buttons will appear at the end.

You can download the TikTok app for free on the iPhone in the App Store:

  • enter the name of the service in the search box;
  • It is recommended to verify the authenticity of the product and the name of the seller –Tik Tokinc;
  • by clicking the download watermark, we expect downloading with subsequent installation;
  • enter password from Apple ID;
  • upon completion, “Open” appears, after which you can use the music lu.

Free iTunes Download Option:

  • After opening the service, select TikTok;
  • by clicking on the icon, we are waiting for the download;
  • the application will appear in “My programs”;
  • To transfer it to iPhone, synchronization with iTunes.

Installation Rules

After downloading the application, it remains only to install it in order to be able to use the TickTock functionality. Once the download is complete, you must go through the last step – registration.


After you managed to download TikTok on Android or iPhone, you can register. The easiest way to do this is by using an account on social networks. A telephone or email connection procedure is also available. For this, the necessary data is entered in a special field. An activation code will come along with the letter or message, which must be specified to get started.

Separately, it must be said about the choice of password. He should not repeat the date of birth, phone number or other public data. It is also advisable to regularly update it, changing the old to the new.

To remove fake users, the developer came up with a puzzle, after solving which the application will become available.

Other functions

When we managed to download TikTok for free on iPhone or iPad, we started to test, namely:

  • Embed video and audio. The user selects them from the list presented, sorted by genre, popularity or release date. In addition, you can add a file stored on your computer or gadget. Use the toggle switch to adjust the volume.
  • Add effects, add video with different chips to attract subscribers.
  • Use filters. When recording in online mode, there is a chance to immediately insert an audio screen saver. In order to hide facial skin defects, Beauty is applied. If you need time to prepare for the shooting, you need to set the “Countdown”. So that the video can find more people, hashtags are written. Immediately after posting, you can distribute it through Instagram or YouTube..

Benefits and potential

TikTok features.

By downloading the TikTok app on iPhone or iPad for free, the user will be able to appreciate all its advantages:

  • Huge selection of music files.
  • The ability to be creative and individual when creating a video. There is an effect catalog for this..
  • Social video sharing.
  • Availability of installation on any device. The app works great on iOS and Android. Video is viewed on a computer without first downloading.
  • The ability to slow down or speed up shooting.
  • Acquaintance and communication with other users.

Installing the program on the iPad

The algorithm for installing the application on the iPad is no different from that for the iPhone:

  • Launch App Store Service.
  • In the search indicate the program and click “Find”.
  • The first result in the list usually matches the required query as much as possible..
  • To install the program you need to click “Download”. Installation will take several minutes, after which you can see the application logo in the main menu.
  • To get started, you need to enter the program.


Tik Tok is today recognized as one of the best applications for social networks, which allows you to create videos, share them, view and evaluate the work of other users.

Thanks to the advanced functionality, here you can not only shoot short videos, but also make full-fledged music videos, complemented by special effects. With the service, everyone can become a star. It is enough to share your creation with friends or put it on social networks.