Download video from TikTok – secrets and tips

Tik Tok is a fast-growing music application that allows you to shoot and watch short videos. Some of them are so popular with users that I want to load them into the memory of a smartphone or computer. How to download video from TikTok, let’s understand.


Why and who needs it

There are several reasons to save your favorite clip to your phone:

  • to later revisit or show your friends a video and not waste time searching for it;
  • to repeat what he saw;
  • so as not to forget the recommendations of the plot, etc..

How to do

If you need to save a video from TikTok, you can use different methods. It all depends on which device you plan to upload to..

To phone

Saving video to a smartphone in TikTok.

The process of downloading a video clip to iPhone and Android is different. Consider each of the options.

For Android

Saving video to a smartphone working with this operating system can be done in several ways. The easiest way to use the special function of the application itself.

It is necessary:

  • Open TikTok by finding the clip you like and launch it to watch online.
  • Click on the Share icon located on the side..
  • Select “Save Clip”.
  • Download takes place in the gallery, where it can always be viewed.

But this method cannot be called universal, as some authors prohibit downloading their videos.

For such situations, application developers have provided the function of saving files using a special program.

  • Using Google Play, you need to find and download for free a program called Downloader for Musically. In addition, there are other options in the store that allow you to download video from Tik Tok, but with their help you can’t remove the watermark.
  • Launch an interesting video online and click on the Share icon on the side of the screen.
  • A tab will open where you need to click “Link”, after which the clip’s address is automatically copied to the device’s buffer.
  • In the program that was installed, register the URL, and then select “Download video”.
  • The clip will go to the file storage, from where it can be opened if necessary.

For iPhone

The process of uploading a video clip to iPhone.

Owners of Apple smartphones also have several options for downloading their favorite movie to their device. The easiest is to use the application’s internal options..

In this case, you need to open the video, press and hold it until the menu buttons appear, including “Save clip”.

But if the blogger does not allow other users to download content from their page, such a key will be unavailable.

Then the second method is recommended:

  • Go to the App Store and in the search bar drive Video Saver. You can download the service for free.
  • After it is saved, you need to open the video you are interested in and copy its URL.
  • In the program, click on Add new video, indicating Internet.
  • Using an empty line, enter the copied link and click “Download”. In this case, the video will not be saved in the smartphone’s memory, but directly in Video Saver.
  • To open the downloaded file, you must use the “My Videos” section by clicking on the button with three dots and mark Save to camera roll.
  • The new video will be in the gadget photo stream. You can watch it later not only online, but even when there is no access to the Internet.

It is worth noting that such programs need to be updated periodically.

On pc

Users who watch videos on a computer can also download free videos from TikTok. If the clip is on the phone, use a USB cable.


You can save a draft in TikTok on a laptop or desktop computer if you take a special program, for example, BlueStacks. To do this, it is downloaded to the device. The further algorithm is similar to loading in Android.

Another option to download video from TikTok at the link is to enter the specified site. Using the empty line, paste the address of the desired clip. Additionally, you need to select the download format, after which it remains to click “Download”.

The easiest way to use is to add the text to the address bar immediately before the TikTok URL. Having registered it and clicking Enter, we start the download process. At the final stage, the video is selected, as well as the format of its download.

Other services

Screen Recorder – a program for recording video.

Those who find it too complicated to install and study special programs for downloading videos are advised to use screen recording to re-shoot the video.

Screen recorder

Convenient program with a simple interface that allows you to work on a personal computer. Thanks to its use, not only the image on the monitor is recorded, but also data from the webcam, audio and games.

The user, if desired, can select the area from which a screenshot is taken, zoom in, write text and add pictures during shooting. The finished video is easy to share with friends by posting it on a social network.

In addition, there is the opportunity to crop the image, make GIFs, convert another format, remove the TikTok logo.


A tool that allows you to create clips on a PC screen, add an audio recording here, select a capture area, erase watermarks and labels, set a timeout to disable shooting at the end of the set time.

Apowerrec has less functionality than ScreenRecorder. But this is enough to save a draft clip on a personal computer.


The process of downloading videos from Tik Tok to a laptop or smartphone is simple and anyone can master it. For this, certain functions are provided on the social network. If they turn out to be inaccessible, it is worth using special programs or services..

With their help, you can not only save your favorite video, but also edit it: change the format, remove the watermark in TikTok or perform other actions.