Detailed instructions for downloading the TikTok application

TikTok is not only a free platform for creating video clips, but also a social network that is rapidly gaining popularity. Using the application, it is easy to shoot small videos with a wide selection of filters, high-quality special effects.

Here you can realize any fantasies and make them available to others. Remove, edit, share links to your work in a couple of minutes!

You can download the TikTok application for free in several ways, which we will describe in the text below.

What versions exist

Tik Tok is known worldwide, the number of its users exceeds 500 million people. It appeared in 2016, originally called Douyin. The application was downloaded via Google Play and the App Store. In 2017, the manufacturers of the program acquired Musically, after which the functionality of the program was expanded to its current state, then the service was renamed.

Download TikTok.

Tiktok’s target audience is adolescents and youth, but a child can easily use it..

How to use the tik tok application:

  • The profile immediately after registration looks standard in the form of a sticker with a man. You have the right at any time to add information about yourself and change page settings.
  • On the tab at the top is a ribbon of recommendations. By clicking on it, you can watch and listen to the top clips, music online. To like them, leave comments or share with friends, click the buttons on the right.
  • Your and other people’s clips are displayed in the stream. It will be empty until you subscribe to other users..
  • Subscription is a convenient option for observing the work of the author of the videos you like. To go to his account, you need to click on the icon in the upper right. His profile has a red Subscribe button. The number of likes, fans and all his clips will also be available..
  • There are two ways to remove your video in TikTok:
  • click on the plus at the bottom of the screen and apply the proposed effects;
  • load an existing movie.
  • Use the search button (magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen) to find entertaining pages, tracks and hashtags.

Musically is a personalized video hosting service. Just mark your favorite videos and chat with friends. To start fully using the service, you need to download it and register.

Where to find the application

There are many ways to download TikTok to your phone for free. Installing the program is easy on any gadget: computer, tablet, iPad, laptop. The operating system does not matter either: iPhone with iOs, Android, Windows PC.

To use the program, you must download and install it on the device in the application store. In Android, this is the Play Store, iPhone – the App Store, PC – Bluestax. Download time is less than one minute.

For computer

The creators of the service do not provide a special version for a stationary device running under the Microsoft program windows, but the platform can be successfully used by performing a number of simple steps.

To use the application on a PC, you need to download tiktok for free using a special utility.

Installation Algorithm:

  • Download the Droid4x or BlueStacks program to your computer;
  • among the hostings offered, find the one you need, click on the icon;
  • after the installation is complete, start the service.

Note that in light online mode it is impossible to work with a PC in a program.

For laptop

You will need to first install the hosting for file conversion (Droid4x or BlueStacks). After downloading the application, you need to open it and go to the program directory. In the list of suggested options, find the one you need, click on it to start the installation. At the end of the download process, you must return to the start page. To start the service, just click on the image.

Authorization is held in any convenient way: using a mobile phone, email, VK account, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google. To do this, click on the network you like, enter your username, password and allow access.

For phone

Registration allows you to access all the features of the TikTok application without exception.

Guide to installing the program on the gadget:

  • Go to the store.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Enter the name of the service in the search bar.
  • Download tiktok.

Install TikTok via the App Store.

You can download TikTok to a device without Play Market using Musicali.

TikTok download algorithm through the App Store for iPhone smartphone owners:

  • Download the app through the store on iPhone.
  • Enter program name.
  • Click on the search icon below.
  • In the drop-down list, select Tik Tok and click downloadapp.
  • Enter password or fingerprint if necessary.

The Play Store request can be written in Russian or English. After issuing the result, you need to click “Download” and “Open”, starting to use the phone application.

If the gadget works with the Android operating system, it will take several steps:

  • Find the APK file with the application, download it to your PC. It’s better to download it from the official site, you can via torrent.
  • Transfer the APK to the device by connecting the smartphone to the computer.
  • Open file manager.
  • Click on the desired document for automatic installation.

After the installation is complete, the icon will become clickable.

If you upload TikTok / Musicals to a gadget running Windows OS, you need to go to the store in the same way and click on the download button.

How to install

Work begins with downloading the application from the official stores of the App Store or Play Store.

Register at TikTok.

Then you need to follow these steps:

  • Register in the application. You will need to provide an email address, phone number or social network account.
  • After downloading, you need to fill out a profile: come up with a nickname, put a photo. In the settings section you will find the suitable functions.
  • The program interface is similar to Instagram, as the number of subscriptions increases, recommendations for preferences will appear.
  • To find music, people or videos, you should use the search field. It is enough to enter tags in Russian there.
  • Your videos are added using the “+” button.
  • It’s easy to communicate privately with subscribers through the message icon.

At the same time, several videos are allowed to be made, editing them to the desired size. The Clock icon is responsible for the acceleration or deceleration of playback. After performing these simple steps, further use of the service does not cause problems for new users.

In online mode and without registration, only viewing clips and searching for # hashtags is available. You can also be guided by the recommendations of the top videos, which are based on the local rating.

Advantages and disadvantages

You can musically download the latest version of 2019 on any device in just a few clicks..

What is in the program:

  • masks for changing appearance;
  • color filters;
  • special effects for editing video;
  • covers for clips.

The application has only one minus – it takes a lot of time. With this set of options, the clock flies by unnoticed, you can hang for a long time.

Let’s talk about the pros:

  • large library of music files;
  • the possibility of creativity with subsequent publication;
  • accessibility from any gadget;
  • some videos are easy to watch from a computer without downloading an application;

TikTok allows you to shoot in fast and slow mode, share videos on a social network. This is a communication on interests, and new acquaintances.

Tik Tok Features

Why is the program so in great demand?

Users like the effects and filters provided:

  • Here you can embed audio in video. When you click on the extreme icon in the right corner, a list of songs opens that are sorted by popularity, genre, release date. There is a music overlay function.
  • To highlight your video among others, special chips will help. The brighter the content, the more subscribers.
  • Video can be shot either online or by programming a countdown. First mount the screensaver, then embed the audio.

To increase the number of views and rating, videos are associated with tags. So the content will gain popularity faster. After publication, videos are distributed free of charge on YouTube or Instagram.


To be able to download new filters, effects, masks, you need to update the service. It is advisable to take the link from the official site so as not to bring viruses. Just write in the address bar: download TikTok latest version. Update is configured automatically for free..

Tiktok is an opportunity to broadcast with friends, subscribers and celebrities on the Internet, recording duets. There is a huge music and video library. Promotion of the account depends on the activity of the user, and the created original videos can be downloaded to a smartphone.